Improve your chromatography with specific real-time, in-line data

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Accelerate process development with AugaOne

AugaOne is a stand-alone sensor system that you can connect to your chromatography equipment and obtain valuable in-line data in real-time directly during product purification.

Why use AugaOne?

Speed up process development

Reduce time-consuming off-line analyses

Real-time monitoring

User-friendly and easy to install

AugaOne at a glance: a versatile complementary add-on sensor for your chromatography system

  • Specific analyte detection in real-time
  • Stand-alone sensor system with small foot-print
  • Simple hardware installation and integration
  • Dedicated software for data acquisition and analysis

System Overview

Application Example

Product Breakthrough Detection

In-line detection of product breakthrough with high sensitivity and specificity without the need for any pre-treatment of the loading material.