Meet our TEAM

The Team

Erik Martinsson (PhD)


Erik is our CEO and he is also one of the co-founder of ArgusEye. Erik has extensive experience from research and development of optical sensors based on nanoplasmonic detection. He holds a MSc in Chemical Biology and in 2014 he received his PhD degree in Molecular Physics from Linköping University. Erik is an enthusiastic leader and he is highly committed to develop innovative sensor systems based on his initial research and provide the biopharma industry with high quality sensor products.

Thuy Tran (PhD)


Thuy is an experienced researcher with a PhD degree in analytical chemistry from Stockholm University developing a microfluidic method for characterization of therapeutic antibodies. After working at University of New Hampshire, USA for 1.5 years focusing on glycosylation analysis of biologics, she returned to Sweden and joined the group of Daniel Aili working with sensors for real-time monitoring of bioprocesses. Thuy joined ArgusEye during 2022 as a R&D engineer, focusing on product development and new applications for our sensor systems.

Motasam Majedy (MSc)


Motasam has broad experience in both research and industry. Having obtained a master’s degree in engineering physics from KTH, he worked as a production engineer and later consultant project management for several years. He later returned to academia, where he studied the potential of depth-resolved light scattering for melanoma detection. Motasam joined ArgusEye in January 2023 as a Product Developer where his focus is to develop next-generation sensor systems.

Nathalie Elsässer (MSc)


Nathalie graduated from Linköping University in 2020 with a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management. She is an impact-driven entrepreneur with a profound passion for start-ups working with new innovations and disruptive technologies. Prior to joining ArgusEye, Nathalie was enrolled in the business incubator LEAD working with over 30 start-up companies. At ArgusEye, she is working with business development and external relations.

Sven Milton (BSc)


Sven has more than 40 years experience from product development of medical devices. Since 1991 he runs a consultant firm (Milton Medtech) that help companies and researchers with various support within prototyping, demonstration, certification, and production. Sven holds a BSc in Medical Technology from Linköping University and has been enrolled in ArgusEye since 2018.

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The Board

Daniel Aili (PhD)


Daniel has a background in Engineering Biology and did his PhD in Sensor Science at Linköping University (LiU), followed by postdocs at Imperial College London and the Center for Biomimetic Sensor Science at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is a Wallenberg Academy Fellow and Professor in the Division of Biophysics and Bioengineering and Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Materials at LiU. His work spans from fundamental studies of molecular materials design to development of bioresponsive materials and devices, including biosensors, for applications in biomedicine and biotechnology.

Johan Sandin (PhD)


Johan has a Ph.D. from Karolinska Institutet with a focus on neuropharmacology and with significant international academic and industrial experience in the area of Neurology. After his academic years he began working at AstraZeneca’s CNS unit in Södertälje in 2003, where he held scientific, project and executive positions in charge of in vitro biology, in vivo pharmacology and biochemical biomarkers within the CNS field. With AstraZeneca’s exit from the CNS area in 2012, Johan and a number of colleagues founded AlzeCure, where he has worked since. As CEO until 2020, AlzeCure went through several financing rounds and eventually became a publicly traded company in November 2018. He is currently the CSO of the company.

Allan Asp


Allan is a market economist and chemical engineer with a focus on molecular biology/biochemistry and has many years of experience from various positions in the Swedish biotech/pharma industry. Since 2008 Allan holds a position as Investment Manager at ALMI Invest AB, a government funded seed investor.

Svante Sundholm (MSc)


Svante has a background in Finance with over 20-years experience from various roles in Banking and Capital Markets. Among other things he built the Securities Finance business in Nordea and he also led Nordeas global Equity Trading. The last years Svante has been working as a Business Advisor and Investor focusing mainly on small innovative companies in early phase.

Our Advisors

Ingemar Lundström (Professor Emeritus)


Carl-Fredrik Mandenius (Professor Emeritus)