Job opening

Application Scientist

Do you want to be at the cutting edge of transforming bioprocessing by solving real problems in the production of biopharmaceuticals? Do you enjoy deep diving into technical data and have a customer-focused approach? Then apply for an exciting position as an Application Scientist at ArgusEye AB in Linköping, Sweden.


About ArgusEye

ArgusEye is a Swedish company developing and providing innovative sensor systems for the biopharma industry. Today the production of some of our most important medicines is heavily dependent on time-consuming off-site tests which renders the production complex and the medicines expensive. At ArgusEye we aim to meet this challenge by becoming a leading provider of integrated sensor systems that significantly improve efficiency and accuracy in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Based on over 15 years of academic research at Linköping University we use nanoplasmonic sensing combined with fiber optics to provide real-time data during the production of biological medicines. Founded in 2017, ArgusEye is currently in a scale-up phase, evolving from a start-up position to an established company.


What will you be working with?

As an Application Scientist, you will be part of a growing team that works closely with our customers to help them implement ArgusEye’s technology in the most effective way possible. You will have one foot in science, working at the cutting edge of bioprocessing, and the other in customer success, ensuring that users obtain maximum benefit from our systems. This role includes training and assisting customers in interpreting our sensor data, conducting bioprocessing experiments to gather additional data both internally and externally, and, through close customer interaction, identifying and developing new applications.

In a cross-functional team comprised of Application Scientists and Technology Support Managers, you will be at the forefront of advancing the bioprocessing industry alongside our customers.



  • Run experiments both internally based on customer feedback and together with the customers with the aim of developing their applications.
  • Together with the Technical Support Manager, train customers in data interpretation, both remotely and sometimes on-site at the customers’ locations.
  • Develop methodologies for interpreting customer data and assist customers with complex data interpretations.
  • Stay attuned to the industry to identify and develop:
  • New application areas
  • Additional sensor chips
  • Assist the Technical Support Manager in advancing customer development.


Who are you?

We are seeking an individual driven to solve meaningful problems. You should enjoy both research and practical experimentation, as well as building relationships with researchers worldwide. You must have documented experience working in a laboratory and a solid understanding of general chemical and biological principles.

To excel in this role, you need to be capable of both collaborative and independent work, employing a curious and investigative mindset to continually push the boundaries of what is possible. With your scientific expertise and good communication skills, you will be able to establish trustful relationships with researchers and managers at the biopharma companies.


You have

Knowledge & Experience

  • MSc or PhD/corresponding experience in Chemistry or Biology
  • Lab experience in tools and procedures: Experience in SPR or other protein-protein interaction technologies is meriting.
  • Experience/knowledge in the biopharma industry/bioprocessing.
  • Experience in dealing with external parties such as customers and value-chain actors is meriting.
  • Proficient in standard Office programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

You are

  • Customer-centric: Eager to assist customers in solving their challenges.
  • An active listener.
  • Quick to learn and able to keep up to date with industry and customer developments.
  • A collaborative mindset, both internally and externally.
  • An adaptive problem solver.
  • Investigative and curious, with a detail-oriented mindset.
  • Independent, with the ability to take initiative.


Application procedure

Does this role sound exciting? We work with ongoing selection, so send in your application and CV today. The start date is flexible, but as soon as possible if we get to decide!

Do you have any questions? Please contact Erik Martinsson (CEO), +46702792477,