With the product launch swiftly approaching, ArgusEye offers an exclusive sneak peek of the AugaOne system.

ArgusEye is set to unveil its first official product at the 7th Bioprocessing Summit in Barcelona on March 21st. With only 2 months to go, we’re excited to offer a sneak peek of the AugaOne.

Based on our proprietary nanoplasmonic sensing technology, AugaOne is a pioneering add-on system designed to enhance existing bioprocessing equipment, such as purification chromatography, by providing specific, real-time in-line data. Initially, it will target applications within monoclonal antibody (mAb) process development.

“The system’s robustness allows for immediate data acquisition from day one. Installation takes less than 30 minutes, and it delivers valuable in-line data right from the first run,” states Erik Martinsson, CEO of ArgusEye and the inventor of the technology.

AugaOne at a glance:

What is AugaOne?

A sensor system delivering specific, real-time, and automated in-line data without the need for sample pre-treatment.

For who is AugaOne?

Biopharma groups and scientists engaged in downstream mAb process development will find AugaOne particularly beneficial.

Why should you use AugaOne?

AugaOne eliminates the need for time-consuming, manually performed off-line analysis, significantly reducing lead times and accelerating time to market.

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