ArgusEye has recently entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with Optronic, an external partner specializing in product development and manufacturing. “We have been searching for a partner capable of manufacturing our hardware components while also providing support for our future product development. It feels like we have found the perfect match with Optronic,” says Erik Martinsson, CEO of ArgusEye.

ArgusEye is rapidly expanding its operations in response to the growing demands from the biopharma community. To ensure an increased production capacity with the highest quality standards, the company has decided to partner with an external manufacturer for the fabrication of the sensor hardware components. The choice ultimately fell on Optronic, a Swedish company with sites in Skellefteå and Lund.

“We had simultaneous discussions with other parties, but ultimately, it was Optronic’s complete partner solution that led us to choose them, coupled with their extensive expertise in optics,” Erik explains.

Mikael Westergren, the Sales and Marketing Manager at Optronic, shared his perspective on this partnership: “We are excited to establish this strong collaboration. As a fully integrated partner, we are committed to enhancing ArgusEye’s competitiveness in the biopharmaceutical sector. Our combined strengths in development, industrialization, and manufacturing of optical measurement technology make this partnership a perfect fit.”

Optronic and ArgusEye are currently in a production transition process, relocating the current production from Linköping to Skellefteå. In the beginning of 2024, the first sensor systems will roll out from Optronic’s facilities.