ArgusEye has again been selected to participate in TESTA Challenge hosted by TESTA Center in Uppsala, Sweden.

This is the second edition of TESTA Challenge which is organized by TESTA Center and STUNS in collaboration with Cytiva. RISE and Pall. The aim of this initiative is to allow small companies like ArgusEye to evaluate and verify their innovative ideas and products in an authentic industrial bioprocess environment. ArgusEye was selected in international competition together with four other companies to take part in TESTA Challenge 2022.

– We were very happy with the results we obtained last time and all the discussions we had during the last TESTA Challenge, so we are really happy that ArgusEye was selected again to participate in the second edition of the TESTA Challenge. This will allow us to do further evaluation of our sensor system during a large-scale bioprocess, this time during the production of a monoclonal antibody (mAb). We will do several tests including mAb titer quantification, aggregate detection and OPC data communication. I’m convinced that it will be really interesting, fruitful and fun!, says Erik Martinsson, CEO of ArgusEye.

TESTA Challenge 2022 will be conducted during March 14- April 1.

More information regarding TESTA Challenge 2022 can be found here: