ArgusEye AB is granted 500 000 SEK from Vinnova’s Runner Up program for the project ”ArgusEye – driving the revolution in manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals”.

ArgusEye obtained high scores for their application to EU’s framework program Horizon 2020 and was awarded with a ”Seal of Excellence”, which enables funding by Vinnova’s special announcement ”Runner Up SME instrument”.

The project aims to investigate the commercial possibilities to integrate ArgusEye’s sensor technology directly in the production process of biopharmaceuticals.

– There is a great need for new, innovative techniques within the pharma industry that can improve the production process and make it more efficient. Our sensor system can provide the user instant feedback regarding product quantity and quality, which paves the way for more automated and continuous production processes, says Erik Martinsson, CEO of ArgusEye.

A market analysis will be conducted within the project followed by development of a business plan. The aim is also to prepare for a new application to Horizon 2020 Phase 2.

– This is an important confirmation of our sensing technology. We are really excited to take the next step in the commercialization process, says Erik Martinsson.

Press Release (in Swedish)