During March 14 – April 1, ArgusEye participated in the second edition of TESTA Challenge in Uppsala. This event is organized by TESTA Center in collaboration with STUNS, Cytiva, PALL Corporation and RISE with the objective to allow companies to validate new and innovative methods and technologies for next-generation bioprocessing. ArgusEye was selected together with four other companies to participate in TESTA Challenge 2022.

Watch this short video below for an introduction to ArgusEye including our goals for TESTA Challenge.

During three weeks, a complete bioproduction process were conducted, from start to finish. A monoclonal antibody (mAb) was produced in a 50 L bioreactor and purified by two chromatography steps.

ArgusEye joined for the last week of the challenge (purification and analytics) and we conducted several different experiments including:

● At-line mAb titer quantification in crude samples (with cells)
● Real-time monitoring of product leakage during Protein A chromatography
● In-line product breakthrough detection during multiple purification cycles
● Scale-up purifications runs at flowrates above 100 mL/min
● Data communication using a OPC setup

In addition, we had many exciting discussions with bioprocessing experts at TESTA Center and with the other participants.

More information about TESTA Challenge 2022 can be found here:


Our latest flowcell mounted on a ÄKTA Pure 150 system

Erik Martinsson doing in-line monitoring during a Protein A chromatography step

Thuy Tran running purification on a ÄKTA Pilot 600 system