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ArgusEye AB is a newly established biotech company from Linköping, Sweden. We provide sensor solutions for real-time detection of biological systems and processes.

Our patented sensor technology is the result of extensive academic research and is based on nanoplasmonic sensing combined with fiber optics. By adding customized receptors we can offer flexible and sensitive sensing systems for a varity of targets.



Sensor systems for inline monitoring of bioproduction processes

Water control

Integrated sensors for detection of pathogens and other contaminants in water systems.


Miniaturized sensors for in situ and in vivo detection of biomarkers.

Our technology


Detect your analytes without any labelling.


A flexible design for your specific needs.


Ligand functionalization enables multiple targets.

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Latest News

  • ArgusEye receives new grant from Vinnova

    ArgusEye receives new grant from Vinnova

    In tough competition with other innovative start-up companies, ArgusEye is granted 900 000 SEK from Vinnova’s program Innovative Startups Step 2. In September 2017, ArgusEye received …Read more
  • ArgusEye is granted 500 000 SEK from Vinnova

    ArgusEye is granted 500 000 SEK from Vinnova

    ArgusEye AB is granted 500 000 SEK from Vinnova’s Runner Up program for the project ”ArgusEye – driving the revolution in manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals”. ArgusEye obtained …Read more


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